According to World Information Technologies, Inc. (WIT), a Northport, N.Y.-based market research company, the cabling system market has entered into a saturation phase. This means no more business as usual for cabling system suppliers. In fact, analysts predict suppliers without directed business strategies will be vying for the same customers basically with the same products (conforming to the TIA standards) using the same sales channels, at nearly the same price.

How does this affect the end-user? A new research study from WIT, "Volume II Focus Report: End-User Markets - Vertical Industry Analysis: 2000-2005" offers an in-depth analysis of this market. Based on information gathered from interviews and follow-ups with marketing, technology, and management executives at leading manufacturers and distributors of premises cable and apparatus, this report incorporates supplier profiles, competitive analyses, and market estimates. To order, call (800) 967-5346 or e-mail

First time data on specific cabling system industry information, such as product requirements, cabling system purchase decision makers, industry sales channels, end-user purchasing criteria of suppliers products, and other end-user purchasing attributes;

- Quantitative information on the most opportunistic industries, ranked by market potential and market penetration;

- Alternate strategies to target industries with the least penetration;

- The ability to rank and time entry into the most lucrative industry segments;

- Product development directions to target specific types of customers; and

- Insight into the roles of cabling contractors, installers, system integrators, and others by the major industry sectors.