Digital multimeters
The models 187 and 189 digital multimeters are designed to meet the needs of plant maintenance, electrical, control, and process technicians. They feature 0.025% accuracy and 50,000 counts of resolution on a multiple reading display that includes a real-time clock.
Circle 225
Omni receiver
The RD400 series pipe and cable locator is available with the Omni antenna for locating Omni Marker, 3M, and ScotchMark EMS markers. This enables the RD400 to locate a variety of utilities that have been marked with any of the standard EMS marker devices.
Circle 216
Online double conversion UPS
The DCI-H online double conversion 3kVA and 5kVA UPSs offer a power-protection solution designed for the factory floor. These industrial-grade UPSs support automated work cells and PC-based SCADA systems with clean, error-free instrumentation, quality-conditioned power, and reliable battery backup.
Circle 213
Fluorescent lamps
Ultra 8 fluorescent lamps are T8 fluorescent lamps that can reduce energy costs and time with savings of up to 40%, thus providing an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to standard T12 fluorescent lamps.
Circle 228
Motor lead connectors
This series of insulated motor lead connectors provides a means to install, test, or replace a motor. The reusable mechanical connectors are designed as multiple-port insulated copper alloy bars intended to mechanically connect incoming copper power leads to the winding leads of the motor in the motor junction box.
Circle 214
ASP program
FX Central is a wireless application service provider (ASP) program delivered over the Internet via wireless communications and a high-speed wide area network. It hosts the company's Enterprise software in a secure application environment at a monthly rental cost, based on a three-year agreement.
Circle 209
Video inspection system
The SeeSnake system consists of a camera and lighting system that, along with a push-rod assembly, navigates through drain lines and other types of piping, allowing users to see inside. It now features a compact, color-video tool case. The case is a system that integrates color-display, recording, and control capabilities.
Ridge Tool
Circle 229
Enclosure modification program
The ModRight enclosure modification program provides diverse choices for factory customizing of enclosures, including cutouts, holes, windows, vents, countersinking, latches and locks, and nonstandard sizing. It showcases the company's computer-controlled manufacturing systems, and custom molding options.
Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures
Circle 217
Variable-speed motors
These control-matched, variable-speed, Allen-Bradley motors provide complete compatibility and maximum performance when used with Allen-Bradley variable-speed drives. They facilitate easy startup and optimum overall system operation. They help reduce electrical and acoustic noise, improve dynamic response, and lower operating temperature.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 227
Split duct couplings
This line of split duct couplings is designed for a variety of applications and features extra-wide sealing gaskets that allow for the imperfections of field-cut duct ends, hinged clam-shell bodies, and swinging eye bolts. A two-bolt version, and a three-bolt version with an integral duct clamping design, are both available.
Circle 208
Battery-monitoring system
The CellSense substation battery-monitoring system reduces the maintenance activity and costs required to ensure substation battery systems are fully operational, while improving battery charging, performance, and reliability. CellSense instruments monitor substation batteries on-site and communicate with Serveron's secure Web site, which can be accessed from any remote location using any common Internet browser to view graphical battery status and analysis data.
Circle 211
Safety relay interface modules
This full range of safety relay interface modules are din rail- or panel-mountable and feature screw-cage clamp connections, LED indicators, and surge-suppression circuitry. Multipole configurations — up to 16 channels wide — provide design flexibility, simplify panel layouts, and reduce costly equipment maintenance and downtime.
Circle 203
Transfer-bypass/isolation switches
The RTB and RTBD combination automatic transfer-bypass/isolation switches are available in single- and two-source configurations for loads up to 4000A. For loads up to 3000A, the company offers a vertical space-saving design in which the bypass/isolation switch is located above the transfer switch, reducing the unit's footprint by almost 50% compared with side-by-side designs.
Circle 210
Termination kits
The QT-III 7600 series of 3-conductor cable termination kits is designed for medium-voltage 3/C shielded power cables in industrial applications. The kits accommodate 3-conductor power cables ranging from No. 8 AWG (8mm 2) at 3kV to 500 kcmil (240mm 2) at 35kV.
Circle 202
Parking lot lighting
The Vertical Forward Throw area light maximizes pole spacings while adhering to uniformity standards. The fixtures use vertically oriented lamps, effectively reducing hot spots below the luminaire. The lights produce a 70° main beam and a wide-coverage, IES Type IV distribution pattern.
Ruud Lighting
Circle 221