Backpack for tools

The ToolPak II backpack has ergonomic shoulder straps and a padded back panel and handles. It has six tool panels and more than 100 pockets.
Circle 274

PVC-bending blankets

These three enhanced HotBlankets are custom PVC-bending blankets that heat ½-in. to 4-in. PVC conduit in any position for easy, convenient bending. They feature a multistrand heavy-gage wire and a seven-circuit design.
Gardner Bender
Circle 260

Cable-splicing kits

The QS-III Cold Shrink 5700-MT splicing kits come with everything necessary to make a 3-conductor splice on armored and nonarmored, shielded power cables. The three kits are for splicing 15kV to 35kV cables in industrial applications.
Circle 250

Extension cords

The Quadnector 4-Way Power Block Extension Cord provides additional outlets for power distribution. It is available in 12 gage in 6-, 25-, 50-, and 100-ft lengths. The Extra-Hard Usage Extension Cord features a thicker T-Prene jacket. It is available in 12 and 14 gage in 25-, 50-, and 100-ft lengths.
Coleman Cable
Circle 277

Cable markers

The Night 'N Day Reflective Grabber cable markers have black lettering on a bright, highly reflective orange background. Two legends are available: FIBER OPTIC CABLE and CATV CABLE. The markers are constructed of UV-resistant, rigid plastic that will remain tightly coiled after years of outdoor exposure.
VIP Division
Circle 195

Structured cabling system

The TrueNet structured cabling system is a physical-layer technology designed to prevent bandwidth loss in LANs, providing maximum data throughput. The TrueNet system consists of an integrated infrastructure of horizontal cable, patch cords, terminal blocks, jacks, and patch panels — all precisely tuned to protect Ethernet signals.
Circle 155

Impact tool

The D-Impactor 5-pair impact tool allows you to simultaneously cut and terminate five copper pairs on a 110 block. Each of the tool's blades are individually set to reduce the chances of a metallic short between connections.
Harris Corp.
Circle 176

Station ID faceplates

The Classic series station ID faceplates can be loaded to meet nearly any connectivity need. They are designed to provide a simple, organized way to identify connections at the workstation. They come in single, double, and triple gang configurations.
Circle 186

Coaxial cables

This line of FBT low-loss, high-temperature, high-power 50 ohm coaxial cables comes in sizes ranging from FBT-200 (0.17-in. diameter) to FBT-600 (0.56-in. diameter). FBT cables can be used in applications ranging from interconnections in 3G base stations to other high-power, high-frequency wireless applications requiring a low-loss cable.
Times Microwave Systems
Circle 167

Power system controller

The Decision-Maker 550 offers complete power system integration and control, giving users the ability to achieve substantial savings in power system maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. It can be used with any of the company's 20kW to 2000kW gen-sets. It can help create networks of as many as 128 devices at a single campus, and the software allows communications with as many as 128 locations over modems.
Circle 228

Outdoor luminaires

The GeoScape series comes in three different designs up to 400W. Suitable for office buildings, industrial facilities, commercial centers, and public institutions, the series features a die-cast aluminum housing and door frame; a corrosion-resistant polyester powder coat finish; and Tru-Form molded prismatic or flat clear tempered glass.
Circle 200

Pipe seal

MetraSeal is a fast watertight, rubber seal you can install around electrical conduit and other round pipe, including concrete, steel, plastic, cast iron, copper, and telecommunications cable, with a snug, permanent seal. No drying or curing time is needed. It consists of a belt of interconnected rubber links available in a variety of sizes.
The Metraflex Co.
Circle 227

AC drive

Designed for the HVAC market, the ECONO-flex AC drive's sturdy construction includes features for commercial applications. The fully enclosed, wall-mounted unit has a front-removable heat-sink fan assembly that eliminates rear-access requirements or removal of the drive for maintenance.
Square D
Circle 201

AC power line surge protector

The Surge Free 205XT building entry AC power line surge protector will safely divert as many as 200,000A of excess transient current per phase. All modes are protected (L-N, L-G, L-L, and N-G) via multiple, heavy-duty surge current paths. The solid copper bus bar construction offers minimal impedance.
MCG Surge Protection
Circle 234

Loopback attenuators

The MT-RJ loopback attenuator is half the size of a SC duplex with two fibers in one ferrule. The LC loopback provides duplex capacity in the space of current single connections. Both connector styles allow multifibers in a small footprint.
Circle 189

High speed continuity tester

The Short Finder Brush (SF 10) high-speed continuity tester features a brush probe that quickly pinpoints areas of shorts in printed circuit cards, multiconductor cables, mass termination systems, backplanes, connectors, IC sockets, and more.
Circle 156

Fiber optic cable

The GX-series subgrouping fiber optic cable is double-jacketed for chemical resistance in harsh industrial environments. It will not degrade even when continuously exposed to most volatile chemicals, such as fuels, oils, cleaning agents, and acids.
Optical Cable
Circle 171

Fiber optic cable markers

These molded, precoiled fiber optic cable markers snap around and stick to themselves for quick installation. Manufactured on UV-resistant EverOrange and printed with black ink, they come in a choice of two stock legends or may be custom printed.
Circle 190