Security cameras

The indoor Decora-Cam is a high-resolution CMOS-based color camera that comes in an easy-to-install, single-gang, custom-molded Decora plate. It uses a 3.5 mm wide-angle, fixed-focus, high-resolution lens. The outdoor swivel camera is housed in a weather-resistant enclosure. It uses an RCA jack and provides black-and-white NTSC baseband video output.
Leviton Mfg.
Circle 201

Fluorescent luminaires

Prolinear is a line of indirect and semi-indirect die-formed steel fluorescent luminaires. Suitable for lobbies, general office spaces, schools, commercial and retail establishments as well as public building interiors, the luminaires combine high performance with architecturally designed styling.
Circle 222

Fluorescent fixture

The V-51 fixture is a UL-listed, enclosed and gasketed compact fluorescent fixture. Features include an epoxy-powder coating, a neoprene rubber ring in the neck of the reflector that absorbs vibrations, an aluminum guard that permits re-lamping without the use of tools, and an energy-efficient copper wound ballast.
Circle 245

Voltage surge suppression devices

Comprising several transient voltage surge suppression devices, the Eagle Clean Power Total Surge System includes a surge panel that protects against surges entering a building, and several point-of-use devices that protect equipment against residual surges entering a building, as well as surges occurring within a building.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 207

Maintenance program

The MainPro Maintenance program uses computer analysis of maintenance data to provide maintenance and reliability assessments of electrical-distribution equipment. It prioritizes future maintenance and upgrade activity. Users can predict future maintenance dates based on the reliability assessment, thereby enhancing safety and eliminating extra maintenance costs.
Square D
Circle 241

Micro PLC family

The SIMATIC S7-200 micro PLC product line now includes eight CPU options, 25 digital and analog expansion modules, and more user-friendly programming software. The line is 44% smaller, and it features 300% faster scan times.
Siemens Energy & Automation
Circle 230

Automatic transfer switches

These 5kV 400A and 600A contactor-type automatic transfer switches are labeled and listed under UL Standard 1008. The high-speed, electromagnetically actuated contactor assembly assures reliable, trouble-free closing and holds contactors in closed position. Proprietary arc suppression minimizes the effects of arcing and results in a reliable switching assembly that requires little maintenance.
Circle 208

Fluorescent lighting

The Sculpture series surface-mounted decorative fluorescent fixtures provide both direct and indirect lighting. The fixtures are appropriate for residential use as well as for light commercial environments. The series features a choice of three frame designs: Deco Oval with cherry finish; Classic Round with oak finish; and Modern Rectangle with white finish.
Lithonia Lighting
Circle 232

High-speed relay

The SEL-421 Relay is a high-speed line protection, automation, and control system. It combines distance and directional protection with complete control for two breakers. Both breaker-and-a-half and ring-bus configurations are readily accommodated.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Circle 233

Helical speed reducers

The 1000 series of compact, heavy-duty inline helical speed reducers are designed to be functionally interchangeable with European manufacturers. Models include double and triple reduction units in flanged or foot-mounted configurations. Many reduction ratios are available.
Baldor Electric
Circle 216

Power system controller

The Decision-Maker 550 offers complete power system integration and control, giving users the ability to achieve substantial savings in power system maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. It can be used with any of the company's 20kW to 2000kW gen sets. Networks of up to 128 devices at a single campus can be created, and the software allows communications with as many as 128 locations over modems.
Circle 227