Voice, data, communications catalog

This catalog showcases voice, data, and communications products. It contains detailed information regarding product specifications, engineering data, and usage information. The catalog includes riser/plenum cable, coaxial cable, communications and instrumentation cable, audio cable, PVC-jacketed cable, and hook-up wire.
American Insulated Wire
Circle 296

Power factor guide

The Practical Guide to Power Factor Corrections and Harmonics…And Your Electric Bill

covers information needed to understand the power factor of your electrical system. It illustrates how the system can be improved through the addition of capacitors. It explains electrical current harmonics, including where they originate and flow in your electrical power system.
EC&M Books
Circle 288

Safety product brochure

This pocket-sized, four-color brochure details eye, head and face, hearing, and respiratory product lines. It provides information on the Willson eye, face and head, and respiratory protection and Bilsom hearing product groups. A complete list of all the company's products and brands is also included.
Dalloz Safety
Circle 289

Project management book

Project Management For Dummies

presents information in a friendly, easy-to-read style. It deals with schedules, budgets, deadlines, and pressure. It shows how to develop schedules, build a project team, work within your budget, manage risk and uncertainty, and use technology to stay on track.
IDG Books Worldwide
Circle 290

Telecommunications lugs literature

This six-page brochure describes the company's line of telecommunications lugs. Photographs, specifications, and line drawings are included, as are an extensive list of features and benefits. Reference tables serve as convenient technical guides for conductor ranges, crimping tool references, number of required crimps, and an extended additional wire size recommendation.
Circle 291

Magnet bonding guide

Engineering Adhesives for Magnet Bonding

is a six-page brochure that provides background information on successfully bonding magnet assemblies using adhesives. It is designed as a reference for engineers responsible for the design and assembly of magnets in devices such as loudspeakers, electric motors, headphones, telephones, appliances, lifting equipment, power generators, disc drives, microphones, and measuring instruments.
Circle 298

Network products group brochure

This brochure features all of the products included in the company's Network Products Group. It summarizes the range of products the company offers for communications and power networks, presenting systems and solutions for connecting, fastening, identifying, organizing, and routing wire and cable in copper and fiber-optic networks.
Circle 282

Battery maintenance product sheet

This sheet features products designed to make battery maintenance quicker, safer, and more cost-effective. The single-point Water Injector System quickly adds water to your batteries. The Battery Watering Gun allows operators and maintenance personnel to keep away from acid and other battery hazards. The Battery Watering Monitor's light indicates if more water must be added to a battery.
Philadelphia Scientific
Circle 299

Remote I/O systems guide

This guide outlines the expanding ricos line of remote I/O systems for fieldbus interface applications. The brochure gives an overview of each module, including descriptions, highlighted product features, and schematics.
Circle 280

Service brochure

This full-color brochure describes how the Service Solutions teams follow a project through its life cycle, which can include evaluation and assessment, process system design, planning and specification, integration and implementation, and maintenance and support.
GE Fanuc Automation
Circle 283