Fiber optic cable brochure
The Specialty Fiber Optic Cables brochure describes products for environments ranging from aerospace to sea vessels, and applications from mining to mass transit. Descriptions of the features, configurations, and benefits offered for these cables are included, along with the industry standards and approvals they meet.
Chromatic Technologies
Circle 296
Transformer selection guide
Distribution transformer selection for residential, commercial, industrial, and utility applications has long-term ramifications. This transformer selection guide is written to enable customers to easily compare different transformer alternatives and make the best choice for safety, performance, and value.
Cooper Power Systems
Circle 297
Electrical reference book
The 18 th edition of the Book of Electrical Information is a convenient, pocket-sized reference for electrical definitions, data, formulas, product information, and essential tables and charts. It is designed to be a compact but extensive resource for industry professionals requiring a broad range of electrical information and application data.
Ferraz Shawmut
Circle 298
Electronic catalog CD-ROM
This manufacturer has released Version 6.0 of its interactive Electronic Catalog on CD-ROM. Users are able to access a variety of technical information on more than 5500 different motors and drives. Product information includes nameplate data, dimension drawings, performance and test data, replacement parts, and installation and operating manuals.
Baldor Electric
Circle 299
Safety products catalog
The 2001 Brady Signmark catalog includes 800 new items. In addition to stocking more than 16,000 safety and facility-identification products, the company offers services such as project management, plant walk-throughs, data collection, and installations, which are detailed in a special catalog insert.
Signmark, a Div. of Brady Worldwide
Circle 295
Pocket guide to fiber optic training
This pocket-sized fiber optic testing guide covers how to test fiber optic jumper cables, installed cable plants, and fiber optic transceivers. It also includes conversion charts for dB to watts and dB to percent power lost, as well as hints on how to perform these tests properly.
Circle 286
Industrial wiring device training CD
The Industrial Wiring Device APTitude 2000 — an animated CD-ROM-based training program with graphics, point-and-click navigation, and audio inserts — provides necessary information to distributors who need to educate their staffs and to sell industrial wiring devices to industrial, institutional, and commercial facilities.
Circle 293
Cable-identification literature
This literature presents information on the Rainbow ID System, a color-coded cable-identification system for AC and MC cable.
AFC Cable Systems
Circle 294
Power-solutions brochure
This six-page, mapfold brochure outlines the capabilities of the Emerson Network Power companies. It describes the companies' efforts to develop power solutions for telecommunications, Web-hosting, Internet, industrial, commercial, institutional, and other applications.
Circle 292
Fiber optic technician's catalog
Fiber Optic Supplies, Tools and Test Equipment for the Installer presents a selection of items a technician would need to install, maintain, and test a fiber optic system. This complimentary catalog includes the company's how-to kits.
The Light Brigade
Circle 291
Relay-selection poster
This 22 in.×17 in., full-color poster features a “Three Step Selection Guide” designed to enable manufacturers to quickly select the proper solid-state relay assemblies for their applications.
Circle 284
Temperature transmitters bulletin
Why Use Temperature Transmitters Instead of Direct Wiring? presents 10 reasons you might choose a temperature transmitter — in place of direct wiring — to transfer data between the field and your PLC or DCS.
Moore Industries-International
Circle 289 UPS technology brochure
This technical primer addresses new continuous power strategies. The brochure highlights the company's redundant parallel architecture. Software solutions are also included.
IMV Energy Systems of America
Circle 288
Magnetic shield room brochure
The Magnetic Shield Rooms and Modular Enclosure Catalog is a free brochure that provides engineers with the basic formulas — as well as saturation and attenuation calculations — to determine the general design for these applications.
Magnetic Shield
Circle 287
Lighting manufacturing literature
Aimed at architects, lighting-specification engineers, and lighting designers, this free, four-color publication details additions the firm has made to its lighting-design and manufacturing capabilities.
FC Lighting Manufacturers
Circle 285
Hardware guide for designers
This guide presents a selection of English- and metric-dimensioned components for designers. It covers styles, sizes, materials, and finishes required for PC-board, instrument, and equipment-assembly applications.
RAF Electronic Hardware
Circle 290
Metal enclosures catalog
This free, 32-page catalog features metal enclosures for electric utilities and electrical contractors. It contains illustrations and material/dimensional specifications for meter-protective covers, indoor and outdoor instrument transformer enclosures, panel enclosures, primary metering cabinets, sectionalizing cabinets, polyphase prewired meter enclosures, transockets, and metering accessories.
Meter Devices
Circle 280