Rosslyn, Va.-based National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has formed the Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment/Systems Section (EVSES) to represent manufacturers of products or assemblies that are installed for the purpose of safely delivering and managing electrical energy between an electric vehicle (EV) and an electrical source.

“As the hub of electrical manufacturing innovation, NEMA is proud to announce a section that will drive business and advancements in technology through global strategies for an EV supply equipment sector,” says NEMA President and CEO Evan R. Gaddis. “NEMA supports the development of the EVSE industry and leads efforts to educate the market on the values and features of EVSE infrastructure around the world.”

The section will align the strengths of major stakeholders in the EV market, including auto manufacturers, utilities, and government. By developing consistent positions for domestic and international codes and standards, EVSES will ensure safety and interoperability of equipment.

“This NEMA section will drive the cohesive efforts of the products and services involved with the electric vehicle supply system,” says Michael Mahan, EVSES section chair and GE global product manager. “It will facilitate standardization and communicate the role EVSE plays in the electric vehicle infrastructure.”

EVSES is only the second NEMA section formed within the last decade, demonstrating the importance the association sees in the future of supplying electricity to and from vehicles. Membership is open to manufacturers of EV supply equipment and systems. Associate membership is available to EV manufacturers, utilities, government agencies, members of the supply channel, universities, research institutes, and others interested in participating in a forum to expand the electric vehicle infrastructure in the United States and globally.

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