Bethesda,Md.-based National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) recently released the latest publication in its Electrical Design Library (EDL). The publication focuses on six ideas that incorporate the latest advances in energy-efficient technology. "Building owners should start by working with an electrical contractor to complete an energy audit of their facility to learn how power is being used and where their best opportunities for energy savings exist," says Rob Colgan, NECA executive director, Marketing. Colgan also coordinates NECA's Energy Solutions Task Force. "A few of these ideas might not be quite ready for prime time, but they are great examples of where the technology is heading — and sooner than you might think." he continues. "Often the best solutions are easy rather than exotic: relighting with energy-efficient fixtures and using occupancy sensors and advanced lighting controls."

The publication can be downloaded free of charge from the EDL Web site, along with the complete EDL archive. Printed copies are also available for purchase online in the NECA store.