You'll probably find a common error in broadband system installation by looking at your own home or one nearby that has broadband service to the structure. This same problem exists today in many facilities that would solve mysterious failures if they would fix this Code violation.

The requirements in 830.93 refer repeatedly to grounding and, in this context, that is correct. But it's not the whole story on the requirements, and unfortunately grounding is where many installers stop.

When you read Part IV of Art. 830, a more complete picture emerges. If you were to draw that picture out on paper, you would see a line running from the broadband grounding electrode to some point on the main grounding system. That is, it connects to the Intersystem Bonding Termination (defined in Art. 100).

But if you already have a ground rod on your broadband system, what's the point of connecting it to your main grounding electrode system? The point is to eliminate a difference of potential between these systems. For a deeper understanding of this issue, read IEEE-142 (the Green Book), specifically Chapter 5.