Keep service conductors separate from other conductors and systems. Two primary rules apply:

  1. Service conductors supplying one structure can't pass through another [230.3].
  2. Don't install other conductors in the same service raceway or cable [230.7]. Two exceptions exist. The first one is grounding conductors and bonding jumpers. The second is load management control conductors having overcurrent protection.

The general rules about raceway also apply to service raceways. For example:

  • Plug unused openings [110.12(A)]. Many types of fittings have openings for purposes such as seal pouring or cable pulling. Install plugs and/or caps accordingly.
  • Ensure raceway is securely fastened [110.13].
  • Don't use service raceway to support other systems or piping [300.11(B) and (C)], and don't hang signs or speaker cabling from raceway.
  • Don't go the other way with support, either; piping components aren't listed for electrical usage.
  • Preserve mechanical continuity of raceway [300.12].