Escalating energy prices are driving many commercial and industrial customers into a cost-control mode, while extreme weather and utility restructuring have created apprehension about the availability and wholesale prices of electricity. Because of this growing concern, motor manufacturers, motor service centers, utilities, and government agencies are mobilizing a national Motor Decisions Matter campaign to promote the benefits of efficient motor management.

This campaign will help industrial customers maximize their productivity amidst growing concern over electric utility restructuring and escalating energy prices. Motor energy costs can exceed $1 million annually in large industrial plants. In steel plants, it can exceed $6 million. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, greater attention to motor system management can reduce these costs by 18%, while also boosting productivity, reliability, and profitability.

The Motor Decisions Matter campaign will highlight the benefits of sound motor management to corporate managers and plant personnel. It will encourage customers to work through their local motor repair center/distributor or utility representative to develop solutions. In turn, each will provide detailed guidance on motor management and relevant motor-efficiency tools and resources.

The campaign goal is to help industrial and commercial customers use life-cycle costing methods to determine whether they should repair or replace motors before they fail and identify when it's time to install energy-efficient motors.