Portable Generator

The PowerBox series of portable generators provide enough power to run a welder, compressor, power tools, and a laptop at the same time. Models measure 34½ in. deep, weigh 1,200 lb, and can be installed into a truck with six bolts and a sling kit. The generator comes standard with 10-gal air tanks, an electric starter, and easy-access oil and spark plug changes.

Dynamic Power Source
For more information, visit www.187powerbox.com.

Power Quality Training

The Power Quality APTitude CD-ROM is designed to explain applications for power quality devices and provide product-specific training. One section groups power quality products by application environment, including industrial plant, commercial facility, and residential. The CD-ROM also includes technical information on this company’s power quality products.

For more information, visit www.leviton.com.

Splice Kits

The Above Grade Splice Kits come with either a standard AMS-2 splice/reducer or an AMS-250. They are dual-rated for use with aluminum or copper conductors, and include a heavy-wall heat-shrink sleeve lined with adhesive material to seal against moisture egress. The company also offers two splice kits for Underground (UGSKIT) applications. These contain both an AMS-2 splice/reducer and an AMS-250.

For more information, visit www.fciconnect.com.

Electrical Outlet Holder

The PlugGrip is a lightweight device designed to help you install or remove electrical outlets. After shutting off the power to any dual 110V to 125V grounded outlet, plug in the device. It allows you to hold the outlet securely while you wire it. The separate-feed power indicator lights notify you when the outlet is installed correctly and power is present in the outlet.

Plug Grip
For more information, visit www.pluggrip.com.