CAD software

Realize Voice 4.0 software enables engineers to control CAD and all other Windows-based applications by voices. The software uses customized advanced macros to simulate and automate common keyboard or mouse input for anything from a single key press to the more complex series of CAD operations, then play back macros using voice. Features include voice macros, decision commands, character mode, dictation, and text-to-speech.

Realize Software Corp.

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Electrical design software

The DM ELEC software is highly optimized for producing accurate permit and bidding plans. The visual presentation of the drawings simulates the look of plans manually drafted by using AutoCAD. In addition to allowing consistently accurate creation of plans, the software allows rapid editing in response to architectural changes. Engineering units are all standard English (feet, inches, etc.) and the design formulas are based on the National Electric Code (NEC).

Design Master Software, Inc.

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Pocket IR thermometer

The IR201 InfraRed (IR) thermometer is designed to fit inside the user’s pocket and weighs 2.7 oz. The thermometer measures surface temperatures from -58°F to 518°F with 1° resolution. It’s designed for checking hot spots in electrical panels, production machinery, auto radiators, HVAC equipment, and grills, as well as chillers, freezers, cold rooms, ice cream machines, and igloos. The narrow field of view measures 1 in. target at 6 in. distance to help assure that readings are due solely to the target and not the surrounding environment.


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Solar-powered lighting systems

The Series SLR001 and SLR002 Solar-powered LED 12V lighting systems are designed with everything necessary to convert sunlight to the electricity needed for indoor lighting. The systems include solar panels, 12-ft 16-gauge cables, 3 amp 20-hour batteries, voltage regulators, terminal blocks, 3 white LED lamps, and light sockets. The SLR001 features a 10W solar panel and three 12V/14V white 24-LED cluster lamps. The SLR002 has a 5W solar panel and three 12V/14V white 9-LED cluster lamps that produce 14 end lumens per lamp.


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