Tape measure

The Next tape measure allows users to mark on wood, metal, drywall, aluminum, tile, slate, granite, plaster, sheet metal, glass, copper, PVC, ABS, and plastic without a pencil. The tape measure’s tip is equipped with a precision-ground, hardened steel marking wheel that eliminates the need for a separate marking tool. It's available in 16-ft, 25-ft, and 30-ft lengths.

For more information, visit www.levelution.com.

Antioxidants for electrical connections

The HCAJC8 and HAAJC8 oxide inhibiting joint compound products are available in .5-oz tubes or 4-oz and 8-oz bottles. HCAJC8 is a synthetic based compound with suspended copper particles. The material is copper in color and recommended for copper-to-copper electrical connections, copper threads, and all grounding applications. HAAJC8 has a synthetic base with suspended zinc particles. The material is gray in color and is recommended for aluminum-to-aluminum or aluminum-to-copper electrical connections as well as for aluminum conduit threads.

Harger Lightning & Grounding
For more information, visit www.harger.com.

Suspension system

The Hang-Fast is a suspension system designed for static loads like lighting trunking/channel, electrical busway, and cable tray/basket. According to the manufacturer, it's 90% lighter than threaded rod and installs as much as six times faster than traditional threaded rod, chain, or hanger-strap installations. The system is made of galvanized steel wire rope, manufactured to BS 302. Each of the five standard size units comes in lengths of 5 ft to 30 ft.

For more information, visit www.gripple.com.

Temperature measurement device

The 3460 2D Thermo HiTester performs 2D temperature measurement with a thermopile array sensor (8 x 8 elements), dividing the measured part of the visual image into 64 boxes and displaying the temperature with a high-speed response of about .2 sec. The standard unit offers three selectable screen display modes (visual image, 64-point mosaic, and 64-point box display) and is equipped with a compact flash card slot, making it possible to simultaneously record an image in JPEG format and measurement data in CSV format.

For more information, visit www.hioki.co.jp.


The SmartLock meets UL’s new listing requirements for GFCIs that went into effect Jan. 1, 2003, including a diagnostic indication of line/load miswiring, greater surge immunity, and improved criteria for corrosion-resistance. The unit’s lock-out action prevents continued use it if it’s damaged and no longer offers protection. The TEST button can still be operated in the event of an open neutral condition even though the GFCI circuit is no longer powered. A built-in line-load reversal feature also prevents the GFCI from resetting if the load and line connections are mistakenly reversed.

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