With more than one million hits, The International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker's (IBEW) Hour Power is proving popular with members and non-members alike. Described by the union as a cross between You Tube and MoveOn.org, the streaming video-based Web site uses a TV-style format to motivate, recruit, and train its workforce, as well as to increase its market share with a younger, hipper audience.

Its goals, however, are not only to reach out to union members, owners, and customers, but also to correct negative impressions about union labor. The site's departure from traditional public relations strategies has many members of the electrical industry excited about the direction IBEW is taking.

“We tried to incorporate everything we possibly could that would be of interest to a multitude of groups,” says Mark Ayers, director of construction and maintenance for IBEW. “The traditional methods of getting your message out just don't work anymore.”

The content, produced in partnership with Golden, Colo.-based Oswego Creative, a union signatory ad agency and production company, includes news from around the electrical industry; a feature story highlighting the work and best practices of IBEW electricians; a personal monthly message from Edwin D. Hill, IBEW president; job tips; and motivational pitches delivered by industry expert Mark Breslin.

To visit the site, go to www.ibewhourpower.com.