Looking for answers to some troubling electrical questions, but you don't know where to turn? Then tap into a new resource on the EC&M Web site and “Ask the Experts.” Industry experts in the fields of standby power generation, wiring duct, ground fault protection, labeling & identification, and test & measurement are available to help answer the questions keeping you up at night.

EC&M has teamed up with representatives from some of the leading manufacturers in the electrical industry — Generac Power Systems, Panduit, I-Gard, and Ideal Industries — to create a unique online Q&A forum available to you 24/7.

How does it work? Simply visit the EC&M Web site (www.ecmweb.com), and click on the “Ask the Experts” button on the right-hand side of the page. This links you to a page that features all of the expert's bios, and allows you to either post a question of your own or review previously submitted questions and answers from your peers.

Here are a few sample reader questions our experts have answered thus far:

  • How can high-resistance grounding improve arc flash safety?

  • What are the best labeling solutions for labeling wires or cables in harsh outdoor environments?

  • How do I troubleshoot a GFCI that trips out continuously with no loads on the circuit as replacing the GFCI did not resolve the problem?

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this valuable resource, and post a question to the panel.