FTM Consulting, Hummelstown, Pa., recently announced the availability of a new study on the growing market for cabling systems used in Internet data centers. Published in conjunction with World Information Technologies, Long Island, N.Y., this is the first study to address the emerging market for cabling systems.

Internet data centers are physical sites containing Web servers interfaced to high-speed connections to the Internet. The new study analyzes the cabling used within these centers, which can typically house thousands of servers requiring LAN connectivity and cabling to the data communications equipment residing inside the facility. To put the market's growth into perspective, consider the following statistics: These data centers originally dedicated about 50,000 sq ft to housing the servers and front-end and back-end data communications equipment. Now, they have grown in size with most new centers covering 300,000 to 400,000 sq ft.

The study quantifies the shipments into this new market over the next five years by cable type. The data includes shipments by cable usage. In addition, apparatus devices used in these centers are quantified by type, including the shipment forecasts over the next five years.

“The study identifies the largest Internet data center service providers,” says Frank Murawski, president of FTM Consulting. “This includes outlining the future plans of these Internet service providers for building new data centers, which provides the basis for the cable shipment forecasts.”