Robroy Conduit Division, manufacturer of rigid metal PVC-coated conduit, offers an authorized installer certification program based on a combination of classroom and hands-on instruction. Proper installation techniques and tools; instructions for clamping, cutting, bending, threading and assembly of coated conduit; and troubleshooting techniques are detailed.

David Marshall, president of Robroy Conduit Division, explains through qualified installation, end- users receive optimum installation, engineering firms give their best to the end-user, contractors achieve a more cost-effective installation, and installers make their skills more valuable.

Robroy’s authorized installers are registered in the company’s master log. Certification is free. For more information, contact Robroy Conduit Division, Sales Department, Highway 271 and Dean St., Gilmer, Texas 75644; Phone: (903) 843-5591; Fax: (903) 843-2655; website: