Handheld computer software

LectriCalc Electrical Code Version 4.0 and Master Bender-CAB Computer-Aided Bending 1.0 software for handheld computers allow instant access to electrical calculations and popular reference information in the field current to the 2005 NEC. LectriCalc Electrical Code is designed for Palm OS and Windows Mobile handheld computers as well as the PC desktop/laptop. Master Bender runs on Palm OS handheld computers. When combined with a smart phone, an “office-in-the-pocket” handheld can take photos, process e-mail, and voice communication. Instant photo e-mailing also can be performed.
Arkansoft Software
Circle 300

Document imaging software

Forefront Construction Suite uses a Google-like search capability in its Document Imaging module to help find documents instantly. Users can locate individual documents in their entire Forefront file system by entering any word or group of words. Forefront finds those words and lists each document that contains them, displayed by relevancy, and provides a link to open each one.
Dexter + Chaney
Circle 301

Estimating software

This software allows electrical and ABS contractors to analyze a given project's advancement by relating actual job-site progress to plans. In addition, the software produces a discrete “this-part-of-the-job-only” materials list. CAD estimating features let contracting companies focus on pieces of the project's drawings that correspond to current or past pieces of the project for which they wish to plan or analyze.
McCormick Systems
Circle 302

Van storage design software

Weather Guard Vehicle Solutions 2.0 storage design software has been updated to enhance usability and functionality. New van models added to the software include Chevrolet Uplander, Ford Freestar, and Dodge Caravan Cargo. In addition to improved mouse control, product placement features have been updated, allowing closer equipment placement. Enhanced 3-D images provide even more realistic renderings of the custom van storage solutions, while new feedback “pop-ups” assist with design creation.
Knaack Mfg.
Circle 303

Automated timesheets

This end-to-end labor management solution streamlines field data collections and automatically keeps offsite and office personnel in synch. This new module is the first to support automatic, wireless synchronization for both Windows and Windows-mobile devices. In addition to capturing traditional timesheet information, the system can capture daily diary and safety information as well as expenses related to subcontractors or suppliers.
Hard Dollar
Circle 304