Hard hat

Fibre-Metal brand Supereight SE2 sensor caps offer multidirectional protection by providing a dual-impact energy control system, which the company says senses the point of impact and activates the appropriate force attenuation system. A blow to the crown of the head activates the hat's crown impact system, while a later blow to the sides, front, or rear of the cap activates the attenuator band, providing protection for the periphery of the cap. In addition, the caps ship fully assembled and meet the ANSI Z89 Type II standard.
North Safety Products
Circle 300

Electrical safety video

The electrical safety video, “It's a Matter of Your Safety,” allows facility managers and business owners to facilitate a safer environment for employees by educating electrical workers and safety managers on the importance of safe work practices. The video contains actual arc flash incidents that were created in a high-power test lab. Users have free access to view the video or download it after completion of a brief registration on the company's Web site at www.squared-services.com.
Square D Services/Schneider Electric
Circle 301

Arc flash harness

The ExoFit XP arc flash harness incorporates a Velcro chest strap that gives users a vest-style harness with no metal above the waist. Constructed of lightweight 700-lb nylon web, the harness also features ergonomic Nomex/Kevlar shoulder and leg padding that is removable for cleaning and inspection. Other product features include connect buckles with leather insulators and the option of a PVC-coated D-ring or a dorsal web-loop. In addition to meeting or exceeding applicable industry standards, including ASTM F887-05, ANSI Z359, and OSHA, all models are up to 40 cal/cm2 arc flash-resistant.
Capital Safety
Circle 302

Flame-resistant fabrics

The Amplitude product line of flame-resistant fabrics for industrial work wear is processed ammonia-free and is constructed of a cotton/nylon blend designed to help mitigate potential injuries due to electric arc flash and flash fire exposure. Available in bottom weight and lightweight fabrics, the company says independent test results showed the products offer HRC 2 electric arc protection for NFPA 70E, ASTM F1506, and OSHA 1910.269 compliance, as well as flash fire NFPA 2112.
Milliken & Co.
Circle 303