LED bulbs

High-powered drop-in replacement MR16 TrackLEDs are designed to withstand voltage variations higher than the lamp's capacity caused by noisy or dirty AC or DC power supplies. These MR16 bulbs feature 2-pin bases, 42 LEDs, and draw 2.5W of power. They are available in four beam angles and two colors — cool white and incandescent white — and can be customized to a variety of other colors, voltages, and beam angles with factory approval.
Circle 300

Long-necked halogen lamp

The HaloPAR lamp is a long-necked high-lumen Krypton halogen lamp designed to fit into recessed can applications for display lighting. To increase its performance, the lamp uses Krypton gas with a conventional halogen burner. According to the company, it maintains the same light output as higher wattage incandescent lamps and is 60% more energy efficient. It boasts a 5,000-hr lifespan and is available in PAR 20, PAR 30, and PAR 38 shapes.
Radiant Lamp Co.
Circle 302

Fluorescent floodlights

This line of 120V fluorescent floodlights features weather-resistant fixtures and is designed for commercial, industrial, multi-family, and residential installations. Seven of the floodlight models feature cast aluminum or heavy-duty ABS plastic construction, and PL13 lamps are supplied with all models. The cast aluminum models are available in black, bronze, green, or white, but ABS plastic is only available in black with acrylic lenses.
Orbit Industries/UMI
Circle 301

T12 replacement ballast

The B260I120M-A is the latest addition to the Basic-12 ballast family, designed for use with F96T12ES lamps to replace traditional magnetic T12 ballasts in existing or new fixtures. This ballast fully complies with new federal ballast efficiency requirements for installation into new fixtures as well as with the 2010 requirements for replacement ballasts. It also features parallel lamp operation so that when one lamp fails, the other lamp remains lit.
Universal Lighting Technologies
Circle 304

T-8 electronic ballast

The switchable T-8 high-output electronic ballast can serve a variety of lamp quantities with several wattage options. The universal voltage AC ballast (120 VAC, 277 VAC) can handle six, four, three, or two lamps and 17W, 25W, or 32W T-8 lamp applications. It has a 1.2 ballast factor at 208W, is UL-listed and HL-certified and has 20 ft remote wiring capabilities.
AC Electronics
Circle 303

Slim electronic ballast

The REU132T8120 electronic T8 ballast is designed for F13T8 — F32T8 linear lamps. This slim T8 ballast features a cross section of less than 1 in., pre-heat rapid start, high power factor, Energy Star compliance, end-of-lamp life protection, internal surge protection, and less than 10% THD. According to the company, it is ideal for low-profile linear fixtures.
Robertson Worldwide
Circle 305

Dimming electronic ballast

The Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) dimming electronic ballast (DDEB) features high-ROI dimming lighting ballast technology. The ballast is designed to be a comprehensive controllable distributed light solution. According to the company, the ST-100 DEB model includes extended lamp life under dimmed conditions and a plug-and-play capability that eliminates the need for specialized ballast units.
Circle 306

Linear fluorescent lamps

The Terra-Lux Energy Saver F28T8 and Terra-Lux Hi-Lumen F32T8 lamps feature a cathode guard around each electrode to reduce lamp darkening and retain a clean appearance. The Energy Saver is a 4-ft, 28W T8 with a medium bi-pin base designed to replace existing 32W T8s. The Hi-Lumen is a 4-ft lamp with a medium bi-pin base and an output of 3,100 lumens and a CRI of 85. Both linear fluorescent T8 models feature a 24,000-hr rated life.
SLi Lighting
Circle 307

HID ballasts

The e-Vision 70W and 100W reduced-profile and 150W dimming electronic HID ballasts are designed for downlighting and accent lighting applications. These ballasts feature the company's IntelliVolt multiple-voltage technology and an 85°C maximum case temperature rating. According to the company, the reduced-profile ballasts are 24% smaller and 10% more efficient than its previous models. The 150W dimming electronic HID ballast offers a 0V to 10V dimming interface and dimmability to 60% lamp power.
Circle 308

HO fluorescent lamp

The Pentron C T5 HO lamp is designed to deliver constant light output over a wide temperature range. The fluorescent lamp uses amalgam technology, which allows it to provide 90% of its rated light output over a temperature range from 5°C to 75°C. The lamp can replace T5 HO lamps found in many existing lighting fixtures.
Osram Sylvania
Circle 309