Lighting company intends to build the first Application Resource Center (ARC) totally dedicated to metal halide lighting technology and systems.

The new Application Resource Center (ARC), which will open to visitors in 1999, will highlight the latest developments in metal halide lighting technology from lamp systems to luminaries. Located in Cleveland, the 32,000-sq-ft, state-of-the-art facility will cost approximately $8 million. It will feature interactive displays and more than 20 demonstration areas covering interior and exterior commercial, retail, and industrial lighting applications, including a large amphitheater—all to be used as an education center for lighting seminars, courses, workshops, and conferences.

“We are dedicated to developing the most efficient light source in the world,” said Wayne R. Hellman, CEO of Advanced Lighting Technologies, Inc. (ADLT). “Our significant capital investment and commitment to this state-of-the-art facility will improve and expand the applications for metal halide technology worldwide. This will result in more energy-efficient lighting for businesses, public spaces, and homes.”

The Cleveland architectural firm of Gilberti Spittler International, Inc. designed the ARC, while the Burdick Group, San Francisco, designed its displays. Earl Print, director of marketing for the lighting company, is managing the project.

Please send inquiries to ADLT, Inc., c/o HKM, ATTN: B. Mortensen, 5501 Cass Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102.