Lighting Zonal Cavity Calculator

The PocketAGI is an interior lighting zonal cavity calculator designed for Palm-OS handheld digital assistants. It allows you to select a photometric file, enter room details and desired light level, and produce estimates. It ships with a desktop companion that allows you to build photometric databases and print PDA-generated output.

Lighting Analysts

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AC Drive for Fans and Pumps

The GPD 506/P5 is a dedicated AC drive for fans and pumps. It’s now available for installations with 600VAC input power requirements. It provides an English/French-language keypad and display for inputting and monitoring operating parameters. It’s available in ratings as high as 200 hp at 600VAC.

Yaskawa Electric America

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Active harmonic filters

These active harmonic filters provide true harmonic current cancellation, are easily paralleled, and can be sized to comply with IEEE-519-1992 Harmonic Standards under any load condition. They ensure continuous protection using adaptive injection mode conditioning technology, which continuously monitors load harmonic currents and cancels them.

ASI Robicon

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Inline triple tap

This 125V/15A inline triple tap complies with OSHA regulations for GFCI use, and is UL- and CSA-approved for indoor or outdoor use. The 12/3 AWG SJTW cord is 3 ft long. The tap has a 4 mA to 6 mA trip level.

Tower Manufacturing

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