Electro-Test, Inc. (ETI), Danville, Calif., recently announced the latest battery testing services available for industrial and government facilities. To offer its customers innovative power solutions, the company recently invested in instruments and software from Alber Engineering.

Using the Alber BCT-2000 battery capacity test system, micro-ohm meters, digital hydrometers, battery multimeters, and applicable battery analysis and report generation software, ETI can trend data to predict problems prior to battery failure.

"This advanced test system can accurately monitor all critical battery parameters while tracking 256 different voltages several times a minute," said Rob Hawkins, ETI's supervisor of battery services in Houston. "Batteries are playing an increasingly important role in emergency power generation for our clients in critical industries from telecommunications to energy to petrochemical."

ETI's approach to battery services involves three complimentary periodic inspection procedures. "We gather data from every cell of the battery system, including checking the voltage, internal ohmic values, connection resistance, temperature, and specific gravity," he said. "We also incorporate a detailed visual inspection to identify anomalies in the battery system. Finally, we check and adjust the charging system to verify proper operation and optimize battery life."

ETI uses quarterly and monthly inspections to provide supplementary data to monitor shifts in battery condition.