Like most everything else in the world today, advancements in technology have given rise to an enormous number of electronic-based products and services. Out in the field, you've got access to pocket PCs, tablet computers, and high-powered handheld test and measurement devices, all designed to make you more efficient. Back in the office, you can create electrical designs and accurate estimates using sophisticated software with a just a few clicks of the mouse. The story is the same for us in the publishing world. One of these technologies might just pique your interest.

In our continued efforts to best serve you, our faithful reader, we're now offering EC&M in an all-digital format. That's right, you can now flip through the pages of the monthly issue with the click of your mouse instead of thumbing through those physical pages by hand. Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it? Trust me, it is.

Through an agreement with one of our technology partners, the digital edition of the magazine is a vivid replica of the print edition, offering you an experience very much like you're used to with the traditional ink-and-paper magazine you're so fond of. Best of all, there are no applications, plug-ins, or downloads required on your end. You gain access to the digital issue via a standard Web browser. So there's no excuse for you not to give it a test drive.

Key features of the digital edition include:

  • Web-based page view — no plug-in application required.
  • Search capability within a specific article or across all documents in an issue — key word and phrase.
  • First page, next page, previous page, last page, go to page navigation capability.
  • Multiple view options and zoom factors — single, two-page, and “full screen” page view, plus thumbnail.
  • Hierarchical table of contents viewable as left-side navigation or drop-down.
  • Embedded e-mail and Web address hyperlinks for quick access to additional information.
  • Print page or page range options.
  • “Send to a Friend” email capability.

If you're interested in gaining access to this subscriber-only digital magazine, then type this Web address ( into your browser and begin a new journey. Please be sure and share your experience with us. We really do want to hear what you have to say about it.

In the end, it's all about customer choice. Just as you strive to offer your clients a menu of design, construction, and maintenance options, we strive to offer you a menu of editorial products that meet a variety of needs. But rest assured, our flagship print publication has always been — and will continue to be — the key product we produce. However, we will continue to supplement this with as many equally high-quality digitally based products and services as we can — an interactive Web site, e-newsletters, an online 3D tradeshow, live Webcasts, and Podcasts.