This year's Electrical Apparatus Service Association's (EASA) 2000 Convention, scheduled for April 2-5 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif., will offer presentations from experts on a variety of subjects from Web site development to trends in motor repair.

Among these experts will be Steve Epner, president of BSW Consulting in St. Louis. He will speak on "Effective Industry Web Sites," and "E-Commerce: The Future is Now." His Web site session targets business owners and top managers, and will review the basic workings of the Web; what a home page should do; what to pay for help; five important elements for a well-designed site; and examples of effective and ineffective sites. The E-Commerce session covers how E-commerce is reshaping the way business is done today.

Steve Darby, president of Darby Electric Co., Anderson, S.C., and a past president of EASA, will present a session entitled "Electric Motor Shaft Analysis and Repair." At this seminar, attendees will learn how to analyze shaft problems using such methods as total inch runout and dye penetrant, magnetic particle and ultrasound tests. They will also learn about standard shaft repair procedures, including MIG welding, flame spray, and metal polymer coating and plating.

For more information on the convention, contact Dale Shuter at EASA's headquarters at (314) 993-2220 or visit for complete convention and registration information.