In response to today's energy-strapped, technology-driven economy, San Jose, Calif.-based Cupertino Electric, Inc. (CEI) recently formed two divisions to address the changing needs of businesses. The Energy Solutions division will focus on offerings that reduce customers' energy costs, lessen reliance on the power grid, and guard against power interruption. The Technology Services division will concentrate on end-to-end systems integration solutions to ensure customers have the IT infrastructure they need.

“Businesses today have two great challenges: to find sufficient, affordable, and reliable energy resources to ensure maximum uptime; and to keep pace with the increasing complexities of new and evolving technologies,” says Jim Ryley, Cupertino's CEO. “We are 100% committed to providing solutions and support.”

The CEI Energy Division's near-term solutions are specific to individual companies, providing the power and support needed to stay operational. CEI engineers assess a facility's electrical load, identify peak demand, and analyze the electrical distribution plan. Then they design standby energy solutions.

Long-term energy needs are satisfied through full-service delivery of highly reliable and efficient distributed power generation. Through the design, installation, and operation of onsite power-generation facilities, CEI provides high-tech manufacturers, hospitals, financial institutions, data centers, and other mission-critical facilities with economically sound sources of uninterrupted energy.