Due to an error on the part of the EC&M editorial team, last month's cover story about the Top 40 electrical design firms misstated the 2005 total design services revenue for Stanley Consultants, Inc., Muscatine, Iowa. The firm's design services revenue for 2005 totaled $152.7 million, not $59.9 million, as noted in the table on page 27 of the April issue. This correction moves the firm up seven places to the No. 17 spot on the list. More important, it removes Stanley from the worst year-over-year performers table. The firm actually realized a year-over-year growth rate of 22.9%, placing it among the Top 10 growth leaders in our listing. The staff of EC&M is eager to make this clear and regrets any confusion the error caused with our readers or the firm's clients.

“Stanley Consultants has just recorded another record-breaking year in sales so it did come as quite a shock to see us incorrectly included in the worst performers list. I just want our clients and associates to know that we are doing well, particularly in electrical design services. We appreciate EC&M's willingness to alert readers to the error. It reinforces the magazine's reputation as a conscientious, top-notch publication.”

Walt Jones, senior vice president and power & energy business leader, Stanley Consultants