On November 4, voters in eight states expressed strong support for infrastructure investment by approving more than $12 billion for public works projects, according to the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), Washington, D.C. Most of these ballot initiatives addressed transportation and water funding; however, many states approved initiatives for improving building infrastructure, including libraries, hospitals, and schools.

In addition to the state ballot initiatives, billions of dollars in infrastructure projects were approved through county and municipal initiatives that will benefit the country. Many of the local initiatives were for local school districts and community colleges, while some local municipalities approved transportation funding. Some of the noteworthy ballot initiatives that won approval include:

  • Arkansas — $300 million in bonds for the financing and refinancing of the development of water, waste disposal, water pollution control, abatement and prevention, drainage, irrigation, flood control, and wetlands and aquatic resources projects.• California — $980 million in bonds for the construction, expansion, remodeling, renovation, furnishing, equipping, financing, or refinancing of children's hospitals in the state. Additionally, San Diego County voters approved 3.2 billion in funding for new schools and improvements to existing schools.

  • New Mexico — $11 million to make capital expenditures for libraries, $57 million for health facility improvements, $140 million for higher educational and special schools capital improvements, and $14 million for senior citizen facility improvements and construction.

  • Pennsylvania — $400 million for construction and improvement of drinking water and storm water projects, nutrient credits, and wastewater treatment facilities.