These are exciting times for those who manage and purchase energy supplies, equipment, and services. The effects of a deregulated electric and gas market have changed the way business is transacted in the energy arena. With a new focus on price negotiation, purchase, and management, energy managers now control costs by seeking out suppliers that can offer favorable energy supply contracts. That's where Energy Manager comes into play.

Energy Manager assists those responsible for overseeing and purchasing energy supplies, equipment, and services to better manage day-to-day energy and fuel consumption. On pages 96A through 96T of this month's issue of EC&M, we're proud to present a special edition of Energy Manager. As an electrical professional, you owe it to yourself and your company to stay abreast of the changes taking place in this arena, because your decisions may have a direct effect on your future work assignments.

Here's a rundown of the stories you'll find in this month's special section.

• In a follow-up to our July 2000 cover story, "Powering a City Within a City - Sprint's New Mega-Campus Takes Power Reliability to a Whole New Level," contributing writer James R. Dukart examines the overall energy management strategies and systems in place at Sprint's new World Headquarters Campus in Overland Park, Kan.

• Learn how an optimization study for a Caribbean pharmaceutical plant, performed by Armstrong Services, Inc. Orlando, Fla., revealed a potential savings of $423,000 in annual steam cost.

• Pete Aitcheson of the Naval Surface Warfare Center, helps us better understand the value of upgrading central cooling plants. He explains how additional low- to medium-priced upgrades on chillers can reduce energy usage by almost 50%.

• Contributing writer Barbara Drazga discusses how to navigate through the ocean of literature and sales proposals from firms offering their services and realize that research and education are the key to making good choices.

I hope you enjoy the articles presented in this special section.