An arc flash event releases thermal heat, toxic fumes, pressure waves, blinding light, and sound waves. Arc flash events can cause critical burns, collapsed lungs, loss of vision, ruptured eardrums, puncture wounds, and even death, resulting in lost man-hours, lawsuits, fines, equipment damage, facility downtime, and lost production. Five to 10 arc flash explosions occur in electrical equipment every day in the United States, according to a report by Chicago-based research and consulting firm CapSchell.

Are your employees and equipment at risk? Following is an abbreviated checklist for arc flash safety released by Cleveland, Ohio-based industrial manufacturer Eaton. The checklist is based on information found in the IEEE “Guide for Maintenance, Operation, and Safety of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (Yellow Book),” Document Number: IEEE 902-1998. If you answer “no” or “not sure” to any of these questions, you should review your arc flash safety program immediately — you may be non-compliant with industry safety standards and at risk for an arc flash incident.

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