Unshielded cables

These small-diameter 2- and 4-conductor models are the latest in the New Generation line of unshielded, low-voltage cables. The cables are designed for several power-limited circuit and communications applications, including indoor security systems, PA systems, HVAC thermostat controls, remote control, signaling, single-line telephones, and intercoms. The cable construction includes bare copper conductors, polypropylene insulation and PVC jackets. They are rated for 300V maximum operating potential and continuous operating temperature of 75°C.

Belden Electronics Division
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AC/MC connectors

These color-coded AC/MC connectors snap into a ½ in. KO and enable identification of the color and type of cable from inside the box. The insulated connectors, which come with a nylon insulator rated to 105ºC, are available in three styles. Models 570S-G and 570S-G/R are designed for use with steel 14 AWG to 10 AWG armored cable. Model 570S-R is designed for use with steel or aluminum 18-2 to 12-4 solid TFN or THHN, or 18-2 to 14-2 solid twisted-pair fire alarm MC cable.

Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.
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Multipurpose meter

The 9600 combines the functions of a 3-phase power quality meter, web server, analyzer, and controller in one package. As a power quality meter, it comes preconfigured to provide compliance reporting and 256 samples per cycle waveform recording. Users can employ its Web capabilities to access and log real-time power data and distribute reports and alarms over the Internet and through e-mail. It also supports on-board time-of-use and transfer loss compensation for utility rate structure matching and all standard demand calculation methods.

Siemens Energy & Automation
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Clamp meter/phase tester

The Model 380974 rolls the functions of a clamp meter and phase rotation tester in one device. As a clamp-on meter, it measures AC current to 1000A and AC voltage to 600V with a 1.2% basic ACV accuracy. The meter/tester also provides L1, L2, L3 phase sequence testing using a wiring configuration that ensures 3-phase motor connections are correct. Testing options including resistance, frequency, and capacitance are also available.

Extech Instruments Corp.
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Power Transfer Load Center

The Series 165 power transfer load center protects sensitive electronic equipment from power outages and electrical transients. It includes power distribution breakers, and all components are pre-wired for installation. The device integrates an automatic transfer switch, transient voltage surge suppression modules, power distribution, and provisions for load center breakers.

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