According to a recent study by Frost & Sullivan, the U. S. power conditioner market is experiencing limited growth due to increased demand for alternative solutions. This market includes applications such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), DC power systems, transient voltage surge suppressors, and power conditioners (voltage regulators and isolation transformers).

The need for power quality protection equipment (PQPE) has grown tremendously over the past few years due to the increased reliance upon sensitive microprocessor-based applications, which have become more susceptible to power problems like sags, surges, brownouts, line noise, high-voltages spikes, frequency variations, and harmonic distortion. Total revenues for this market in 1999 were around $4.44 billion. This is expected to increase to $6.92 billion in 2003. However, despite strong demand for PQPEs, stand-alone power conditioners (including voltage regulators and isolation transformers) have not enjoyed the same growth.

According to the study, the market for power conditioners generated $454.5 million and 523,100 unit shipments in 1999. However, research shows the market continues to grow at decreasing rates throughout the forecast period.

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