Give the specific 1999 NEC references related to any violations you find. Write Joe a Violation Notice rather than sending in a copy of the Code rule. Send your response, in 25 words or more, to Joe Tedesco at 350 North St., Boston, MA 02113 or codeviolations@netscape.net. Please include your company name, job title, address, phone number, Social Security number and e-mail address. Previous winners are not eligible. Winners will be awarded $75 in the case of one winner, $50 each for two winners and $25 each for three winners.

HINT: This is the end of a 500 Kcmil copper, Type THW conductor. How many missing strands can you find? What specific NEC reference supports your answer?


All the winners explained the issues related to improper numbering, phase arrangement, balancing and references to the following 1999 NEC Sections: 110-2, 110-3(b), 110-22 and 384-13.

Van Thornton
Electrical Inspector
Niles, Mich.

Dennis Ressman
Electrical Engineer
Buffalo, N.Y.

Chad Fite
President (Fite Electric)
Mabelvale, Ark.