Aqualified electrician and installer, Bob Naranjo, sent this picture to me. He went out on a routine troubleshooting call to a commercial building because the property management office wanted to know why their security gate system circuit breakers kept tripping. The original installers failed to use proper splicing methods and materials in a wet location. After a few days of corrections and repairs, and compliance with Section 110-14, he reports that the situation is now under control. This section requires devices such as pressure terminal or pressure splicing connectors and soldering lugs shall be identified for the material of the conductor and must be properly installed and used. Conductors of dissimilar metals cannot be intermixed in a terminal or splicing connector where physical contact occurs between dissimilar conductors (such as copper and aluminum, copper and copper clad aluminum or aluminum and copper clad aluminum), unless the device is identified for the purpose and conditions of use.