Thomas & Betts Corp., Memphis, Tenn., announces the 2001 Signature Award to honor creative solutions, innovation and outstanding performance by electrical professionals.

The Signature Award is the only industry-wide award to recognize contractors, electrical companies and apprentices for accomplishment in the field.

“Our industry's most valuable players are the people who use our products every day — the hardworking electricians, electrical design firms and apprentices,” said Nick Cassella, vice president of sales and marketing for the electrical division of Thomas & Betts. “That's why Thomas & Betts created the Signature Award — to acknowledge and share in their on-the-job successes.”

Thomas & Betts Corp. is a designer and manufacturer of connectors and components for the worldwide electrical, communications and utility markets. The company also manufactures industrial heating and cooling units. The Memphis, Tenn.-based company has manufacturing, distribution and office facilities worldwide. Its products include Sta-Kon connectors, Superstrut framing and fittings, Steel City boxes and covers and Ty-Rap and Ty-Fast cable ties.

Thomas & Betts's Signature Award will recognize winners in three categories: Electrician of the Year, Electrical Company of the Year (including contracting, design/build and consulting engineering firms) and Student/Apprentice of the Year.

Editors from CEE News and EC&M magazines, co-sponsors of the program, will serve as judges for the contest.

Signature Award winners will be honored at the 2002 National Association of Electrical Distributors annual meeting next spring in Chicago.

In addition to a distinctive trophy, winners will receive prizes valued at up to $15,000. Applications are due by Feb. 28, 2002.

To be considered for a Signature Award, applicants in the Electrician and Electrical Company categories must describe a situation in which they employed unique problem-solving skills to overcome an unexpected challenge, save labor, find new uses of existing products, apply techniques in new ways or otherwise demonstrate creativity on the job.

Judges will also consider how an applicant's leadership, workmanship and/or management of the project demonstrated innovation and superior professionalism.

In addition, applicants should exhibit a commitment to the electrical industry through involvement in projects, organizations and awareness/recruitment efforts that effectively advance the industry.

Student/apprentice applicants must outline their reasons for choosing a career in the electrical industry and cite experiences that affirm their interest in, and commitment to, becoming an electrician. They may also submit up to three testimonial letters from industry professionals.

Applications and requirements for the 2001 Thomas & Betts Signature Award will be available in upcoming issues of CEE News and EC&M magazines.

Additional information and applications for Thomas & Betts's Signature Award are available online at