I found this raceway supplying a sign in front of a souvenir shop on the Las Vegas strip a few months ago. I took a photo of the same raceway about 10 years ago, and the raceway was damaged then as well.

I think that the issue here is the so-called protection against physical (or is it “severe” physical?) damage that should be reconsidered by the installers. The circuit for the sign was pulled away exposing energized wires and without an equipment grounding conductor, either in the form of a conductor or proper connection. This violates Section 110-27(b). “Prevent Physical Damage. In locations where electric equipment is likely to be exposed to physical damage, enclosures or guards shall be so arranged and of such strength as to prevent such damage.”

See also Sections 250-96(a), for proper bonding, and 300-10 for electrical continuity of metal raceways and enclosures. They are required to be metallically joined together into a continuous electric conductor and must be connected to all boxes, fittings and cabinets so as to provide effective electrical continuity.

I checked the sign later in the evening, and found it in operation. A note on the cover stated, “Please do not touch the box.”