The CPSC released the following instructions today in order to keep the rate of accidental death down. When participating in outdoor, overhead activities, consumers should take the following precautions:
  • Keep all objects - including masts, poles, ladders, tools and toys - far away from power lines at all times.
  • If taking down or moving an antenna, be aware of new power lines that have been put up since the antenna was first installed.
  • Never assume that an overhead power line is electrically insulated; always assume that contact with any line can be lethal.
  • Never place a ladder anywhere near an electrical power line.
  • Position non-metal ladders (such as fiberglass) at a height and location that prevents the possibility of contact with a power line.
  • Keep the distance from an antenna or pole to the power line at least 1 1/2 times the height of the antenna or pole.
  • Properly ground all masts in accordance with electrical codes.
  • Be aware that anyone can be electrocuted by touching a power line directly, or by touching a power line and conductive material (such as a metal ladder, antenna, pipe, kite) and at the same time making contact with the earth or any grounded item (such as metal siding or a downspout).
  • Keep away from all downed power lines. A power line that touches the ground can shock or kill a person even if untouched. The electrical current can travel over moist or wet ground and through one’s body.