This commercial building exit light was not in working order and not properly connected. It had exposed live splices, a lost equipment grounding conductor and was also hidden from view because of a foreign system that was run right in front of the word, “exit,” relaying an important message during an emergency. I seem to find this type of hazard during my travels when I look for exits from a building, just after arriving. You can take your pick of violations here, and just open the Code book starting in Article 110 and go 10 pages forward, or 10 pages backward and most likely will find a rule to cite. Better yet, call the fire marshal, building, mechanical, and plumbing inspectors and ask them for a rule that can be cited in their codes, documents or local rules. I am sure the rules would be available to be added to your list. My question: who would allow this to remain? I have got to say again, political interference is probably one reason.