Microprocessor timer fits an ordinary photocontrol socket

The Model 5737M combination photocontrol and microprocessor timer fits an ordinary turn-lock photo-control socket. The energy-saving control turns lighting off and on at dusk and dawn. Tork
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Software features instant online material pricing

This vendor's software now features instant online material pricing from participating suppliers. After building a material list for the bid, users access a central server with suppliers. ConEst Software Systems
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Fittings for the widest ranges of flex, AC, MC and HCF cable

The 5AST and 50AST fittings install without using tools or lockouts. They snap onto cable and into the box. The 45AST fits 10-3 to 6-2 AC, MC and HCF; the 50AST inserts into flexible metal conduit. Arlington Industries
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Terminal crimper does the work of heavier tools

The Sta-Kon ERG-2008 Comfort Crimp terminal crimping tool is a lightweight, ergonomically-designed tool that is UL-listed for handling large, tubular non-insulated Sta-Kon terminals ranging from 8AWG through 1/0AWG. The ERG-2008 is said to perform the same job as heavier tools while providing the user-friendly features of the Comfort Crimp series of terminal crimping tools, including a shorter, ergonomic frame for mechanical advantage with less required force and comfortable, rubberized thermoplastic handles. Thomas and Betts
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Programmable timer covers four ranges

The Model 301 Programmable Timer was designed with the capabilities to replace multiple standard timers (more than 100). The timer can be set for one of five functions that can cover four timing ranges and has a universal power supply for a wide variety of AC and DC voltage ranges. Core features include multiple timing and voltage ranges, a digital timing circuit, five function modes and DPDT relay outputs. The programmable timer is easy to program. Simply set the four DIP switches on top of the relay and adjust the potentiometer for percent of delay. Time Mark
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Insulation tester features automatic report generation

The digital/analog Megohmmeter Model 5060 is said to be the only fully automated 5,000V insulation tester. It provides insulation measurements to 10,000G megohms. Test results include DAR, PI, DD, capacitance, leakage current and programmed test voltages and run times. AEMC Instruments
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Military switches withstand shock and vibration

The Electroswitch line of heavy-duty rotary switches is for military applications. The wide variety and modular design of these detent- and snap-action switches permit millions of specialized configurations. Available in a large selection of electrical ratings, all models comply with pertinent military specifications for high-shock, high-vibration environments. The cable's round construction allows easy routing within the box and increases air flow over flat equivalents. The U320 cable is UL and CSA approved. Hitachi
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Patch panels deploy with network monitoring software

The iTRACS-Ready Clarity patch panels are designed for intelligent structured cabling solutions. When deployed with the panel's network monitoring software, the patching systems help corporations reduce IT management costs and improve network service levels by automatically documenting network topology and moves, adds and changes as well as identifying port connectivity problems in real time. The patch panels incorporate patch cords, sensor strips and analyzers to transmit information to the software. Ortronics
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Wall switch features streamlined installation

The Watt Stopper's automatic PIR wall switch, WA-200, combines detection capabilities with streamlined installation. The product offers SmartSet technology, which automatically adjusts time-delays and sensitivity based on usage patterns. Other features include contractor friendly terminal style wiring, which speeds installation time, and a built-in light level sensor. Watt Stopper
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Lift offers tall tower, big winch load and 360-deg boom

The Aichi Model ISN50A telescoping material handler is designed to meet the needs of electric utility and construction industries. The insulated material handler features a 53 ft working height, 36 ft side reach and 500 lb. platform capacity. It also features a single-stick control, emergency stop/start, hydraulic tool outlets and a multi-joint aerial platform. Baker Equipment
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Doorbell mounting block makes doorbell installation easy

The DB1 Doorbell Mounting Block installs on stucco (before it's applied) or siding (before or after the siding is up). The textured, paintable DB1 is easy to install and mounts the doorbell flat against the substrate. It accepts most doorbell button styles and is UL/CSA listed. Arlington Industries
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