Push-wire connectors allow for visual confirmation

Wall-nuts are push-wire connectors for solid or stranded wire. The connectors' clear housings allow visual confirmation of connections, and the connectors also feature integral test ports. The product line carries a 600V rating for building wiring and a 1,000V rating for fixtures and signs. WAGO
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PDU unit manages power for Internet infrastructure

This 75kVA to 300kVA power distribution unit is designed for use with this company's Silicon Delta Conversion Online technology series of UPSs. Together, the Silicon series and the PDU can protect and manage power for Internet infrastructure, data center and enterprise applications. American Power Conversion
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Electric hand dryer dries hands in 15 seconds

The Xlerator line of hand dryers take hands from wet to dry in less than 15 seconds. According to this company, the dryers use 80% less energy than conventional dryers and can yield a 90% cost savings over paper towels. Excel Dryer
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Vandal-resistant motion detector mounts remotely

The Tuff Dome is a vandal-resistant motion detector with a die-cast metal case and a rigid, poke-proof lens. It mounts remotely or with as many as three floodlights attached. It measures 4-in. and provides a 180-deg detection pattern. RAB Electric Mfg.
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Fluorescent emergency ballast complies with new Code

The bEZ1 fluorescent emergency ballast converts new or existing fixtures into Code-compliant emergency lighting. The ballast incorporates a push-nut wiring connector system and an indicator light/test switch unit, and its installation instructions include step-by-step pictorial instructions. The unit is compatible with T8, T10 and T12 lamps. Bodine
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Universal current transducer senses current with disconnect

The CT-100 universal current transducer can monitor up to 100A and output a 4mA to 20mA signal. It has a split-core, clamp-on construction and it doesn't require installers to disconnect existing wires to sense current. It features overcurrent protection. Solidyne
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Electrical estimating system is fast and easy

The ProEst estimating software provides integration, speed and efficiency to construction estimating. It's designed to solve a critical business issue by achieving a company-wide standardization and increase efficiency. CMS Construction Software
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Cable-protection ramp provides ADA compliance

The AccessTrak modular cable protection ramp for ADA requirements enables end users to be ADA-compliant. The ramp protects cables and hoses from the action of people and light vehicles crossing over those cables and hoses. Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
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Datacom wire connector is Cat. 6 compliant

The Clarity6 wire connector, an advancement in Cat. 6 connectivity, includes modular 110 jacks, patch panels, patch cords, 110 blocks and 110 cords. Its Cat. 6 component compliance has been independently third-party tested and ETL verified. Clarity's enhanced technology improves the performance of the link and channel. Ortronics
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Thermal labeling tool works for a variety of installations

The ID Pal labeling tool is a professional quality thermal-transfer labeling tool designed for a variety of applications, including labels for any smooth/flat, curved (including wire and cable) or textured surface. The lightweight design uses high-quality label materials, offering super adhesion. Brady USA
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Metal halide track lighting lasts up to 12,000 hours

The MH2 line combines the Ceramic Arc Metal Halide (CAMH) lamps with a modular series of spotlight, flood and wall wash and pendant fixtures. They last 10,000 hours to 12,000 hours, and provide 80 CRI color rendering. Juno Lighting
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Digital grounding system detects ground faults

The PulserPlus is a digital high-resistance grounding system with data logging. It acts as a digital protection device for your plant's electrical system. Its digital protection technology detects ground faults that, if undetected, could shut down a line, or even a whole plant. Post Glover Resistors
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GFCI is best for surface- and panel-mount applications

Hubbell's Circuit Guard GFCI product family has been expanded to include a 30A, 120V, 240V and 120/240V Class A GFCI product offering. Portables come in lengths from 2 ft to 100 ft. Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
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Preinsulated connectors need no epoxies

The Polaris Blue pre-insulated connectors are UL listed for direct burial. They require no epoxies and little in-field work. To install, strip the insulation on a conductor, insert it into the connector, tighten the screw and replace the cap. NSI Industries
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Structured cabling system doubles Cat. 6 bandwidth

The GigaBand system of structured cabling products doubles the bandwidth of the proposed Cat. 6 standard (TIA/EIA-568B.2-1, draft 7a). The system is tested to perform with positive Power Sum ACR up to 400 MHz. It consists of jacks, patch panels and patch cords, and it's backward compatible with Cat. 5 and 5e systems. HellermannTyton
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Wire connector installs with cordless screwdriver

These UL-approved wire connectors can be installed with a cordless screwdriver with a standard No. 2 Phillips head. Splices can be visually inspected through the transparent plastic of the connectors. The connectors are rated at 150° C. Scru-It
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DIN rail power supply lowers fuse expense

The SDN10-24-480 24VDC expands the SDN series of power supplies from 4A to 5A, with three-phase input. The 10A model does not require additional external fuses for primary and secondary side protection. On the primary side, integrated fuses protect the power supply. Sola/Hevi-Duty
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