Compact solid state relay assembly can handle loads up to 50A

These compact solid-state relay assemblies are rated for 50A loads and designed for applications with a maximum 40°C ambient temperature. These units will operate from controller inputs ranging from 3V to 32V DC or from 90V to 280V AC. Acceptable load currents range from 0.04A to 50A AC. Transient overvoltage protection is provided for up to 600 V peak or 1,200V peak, depending on the model chosen. Three line voltage ranges are available — 24V to 280V AC, 48V to 530V AC and 48V to 66V AC. HB Controls
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High-torque impact wrenches are cordless

These ½-in. and ¾-in. electric impact wrenches are said to offer the highest torque rating in their class. The line includes five 120V models and a full-torque 18V cordless wrench. These light, slim and balanced wrenches feature ergonomic styling with a cushioned grip and compact shape. The ½-in. models deliver 300-ft-lb of torque. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.
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Fine wire stripper removes film-type insulation

The Model RT2S fine-wire stripper strips a wide range of material including Formvar, ML, enamel, varnish and isonel. The product strips using rotating conical-shaped fiberglass wheels that generate friction to quickly remove insulation without contaminating or flattening wire conductors. The wheel design allows close-to-coil stripping. Eraser
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Barrier strips allow contractors greater flexibility

The Barrier Strip is a 12-circuit nylon strip with a modular design that enables it to be cut into smaller sections. It can also be stacked end-to-end to increase the number of circuits available to accommodate application requirements. Built for performance and value, the strips feature tubular contacts that connect stripped, unterminated solid or stranded wire easily and securely. Ideal Industries
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Internet procurement system decreases contractors processing time and costs

The PowerStation 7.0 e-procurement solutions suite for contractors allows simple, direct communication between contractors and their suppliers for instant material price and availability information and online procurement, 24/7. Contractors can dramatically reduce turnaround times for purchase orders and requisitions, decrease backorders and multiple purchase orders and eliminate redundant data entry. It fully integrates with both contractor software and supplier enterprise business systems, allowing the seamless flow of information between the two. Using the system, contractors can streamline their purchasing and estimating process, request and receive pricing from multiple suppliers instantly, easily convert materials lists into purchase orders, automatically update materials with actual costs and integrate data with existing purchasing, estimating and accounting systems. TradePower
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Underfloor support accessory features snap-on, bolt-on design

The Under Floor Support Clamp is a support accessory for the manufacturer's wire cable tray that attaches to support posts in raised access floor installations. The product features a snap-on and bolt-on design that makes installation quick and easy. The corrosion-resistant clamp includes all bolts and nuts needed for attachment to both square and round support posts. Adaptable to any underfloor installation, the clamp saves installation time by securing tray without nuts and bolts. Cablofil Inc.
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Storage boxes are built tough for security

This line of improved storage products provides users with a tougher, more secure solution for storing tools and equipment. Most models feature patented, dual, recessed lock enclosures, said to make these the only boxes to prevent thieves from drilling out locks. There's no access for bolt cutters either. For more security, the boxes feature continuous, non-removable pin hinges. The storage boxes have a full-width, grooved-edge lid, which provides an easy grip, no matter where the user stands. Overlapping lid closures and welded seams are stiffer, stronger and more secure, helping to lock out weather and vandals. Large, heavy-duty handles fold flush to avoid impact damage. Greenlee Textron
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