Low-voltage accent fixtures provide precise lighting

The Magic Wand ALR12 and ALR18 low-voltage adjustable accent lights are compact, flexible and provide optically-precise lighting with superior beam control. Edison Price Lighting

Breaker interface panel is designed for telecom systems

This low-profile breaker interface panel, also known as a power distribution unit, improves system power stability and provides a convenient, centralized location for all customer load circuit breakers. Astec Power

Rotary impactor works with directional drill

The Rotary Impactor pipe-burster is designed for use with the Navigator horizontal directional drills. It merges pipe bursting and directional drilling technology. The impactor requires no air hoses. Vermeer

Fiber-optic test sources communicate with meters

This series of fiber-optic test sources for loss measurements automate and simplify fiber-optic loss testing. The DS300 series of “smart sources” digitally store output power levels and communicate the source wavelength to DM series fiber-optic power meters. Fotec

Compact fluorescent lamps provide long life

The Biax High-Output compact fluorescent lamps come in 57W and 70W versions. The lamps feature high lumen output, long life, amalgam technology and end-of-life protection. The lamps combine a very high luminous output with compact size and four-tube shape for excellent circular light distribution. Wide operating temperature range and long life (12,000 hours), make the lamps suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. GE Lighting

Lighting controls offer one-button programming

The Decora Home Controls home-automation scene-capable receivers feature one-button programming. The controls also feature wall-switch dimming receivers that provide manual and remote on/off switching and full-range dimming for incandescent and magnetic low-voltage lighting. Wall-switch receivers are available in a 10A relay model and an 8A electronic model for manual and remote on/off switching. A plug-in module allows users to remotely turn on/off and dim/brighten free-standing lamps and incorporate them into lighting scenes. Leviton Mfg. Co. Inc.

Rod-hanger anchor eases overhead work

The WedgeBolt anchor now comes in a rod-hanger version. The anchors, available in ¼-in. and ⅜-in. diameters, feature an internally-threaded head for respectively-sized rod attachments. All the anchors are installed with a standard ANSI drill bit and are said to achieve higher load capacities at a lower installed cost than traditional methods. Because the hole's diameter is equal to the anchor diameter, no hole spotting is required. This is an especially added benefit for overhead applications. The versatile anchor is also removable. Powers Fasteners Inc.

UPS offers centralized power protection solution

The Comet 40 kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) offers the advantage of a centralized power source while allowing individual control of servers over the network. The UPS is best for facility networks, process control and other critical networked applications demanding high efficiency and isolation from power and harmonic distortions. The on-line design of the microprocessor-based Comet UPS with its advanced solid-state circuitry ensures clean, reliable power even in the harshest electrical environments — with input-to-output efficiency ratings up to 95%. The Comet delivers true sine wave output that offers superior isolation and power correction. The system consists of a solid-state inverter, rectifier/battery charger, a continuous duty static switch and internal maintenance bypass switch and battery plant with Advanced Battery Management. MGE UPS Systems

Electrical flexible conduit is best for computer rooms

The Type CBLA electrical flexible conduit is intended for computer power wiring. The conduit is available in trade sizes from ⅜-in. through 4 in. Liquitite

Utility body weathers rough conditions

The Service Chief line of utility bodies offers features such as easy access to exterior and interior storage as well as expansive cargo space. Delta Waseca

Luminaire features segmented optics

The KAD general-purpose area lighting luminaire is now available with high-performance segmented optics and a convenient removable power tray. Lithonia Lighting

Residential cabling system carries the latest technologies

The Siemon Home Cabling System is designed to deliver the latest home technologies, such as digital video, high-speed Internet access, computer networking and home theater. The residential product line includes jacks, patch cords and connecting blocks along with a new set of components. At the heart of the system is the Command Center, an enclosure for distribution of voice, video, audio and data services throughout the home. The Siemon Co.

Three-phase UPS adapts to any environment

The Npower three-phase uninterruptible power system features ActiveStar technology for mission-critical applications. Npower is a mid-sized UPS (30kVA to 130kVA), best for data centers, industrial facilities and telecom sites that require continuous systems availability. The UPS uses online double-conversion technology. Liebert Corp.

Cabling system targets multiple dwelling units

The AMP netconnect residential cabling system was designed to spearhead the company's aggressive entry into the residential networking marketplace. The cabling system in best suited for planned communities, apartment and condominium complexes and hotels. The system consists of a fully standards-based, commercial-grade wiring enclosure (supporting up to 18 outlets that can be centralized in a building, hotel or planned community). The system supports either Enhanced Cat. 5 UTP or optical fiber cabling, and is capable of handling Gigabit Ethernet transmission rates. Cabling runs from these centralized cabling distribution centers feed into individual enclosures (supporting up to 12 outlets) mounted in each dwelling unit or hotel room. Tyco Electronics