BETHESDA, Md. — NECA has announced the new ANSI/NECA/BICSI 568-2001, Installing Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling infrastructure standard. The standard is designed to weave business communication tools into a structured system to become the backbone of the global economy. It's said to be the first standard to address the importance of proper installation of telecommunications premises systems, including cabling and the associated pathways and spaces.

As an organization accredited by the American National Standards Institute, NECA provided its expertise to gain ANSI approval for the new joint publication. “The public consensus process that we go through means that NECA/BICSI 568 is a true industry standard,” said NECA CEO John Grau. “We expect it to find broad acceptance among specifiers and end-users of voice/data/video networking systems.”

In 1998, the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) asked BICSI, a professional telecommunications association, to jointly undertake the development of a telecommunications installation standard. Developed by members of the BICSI/NECA joint committee, this standard is unique in that it is based on BICSI's Telecommunications Cabling Installation Manual, an 800-page guide of specific tasks for cabling installers.

“This document not only covers the installation and safety requirements for telecommunications cabling, but it also focuses on criteria that aid in delivering performance levels expected by end-users,” said Jay Warmke, BICSI executive director. “It will be a valuable tool for the construction industry, including architects and engineers, and especially the installers of the telecommunications cabling.”

The ANSI/NECA/BICSI 568 standard covers support systems, pulling cable, firestopping, cable terminations and installation verification. Tables and figures include conduit bend radius, separation distances, suspended cable tray and wiring schemes.

ANSI/NECA/BICSI 568 may be purchased for $25 by calling NECA at (301) 215-4504 or visiting NECA's Web site at