These residential surge protection devices are installed at the circuit-breaker panel to protect electrical, electronics, telephone and cable lines from incoming surges. The devices are part of a family of surge-protection products. Four products, offering varying levels of protection, are offered.

The CHSP Micro provides basic protection for home appliances. The Micro features a surge current rating of 20KA, an indoor/outdoor metal enclosure, easy-to-install mounting and a two-year product warranty.

The CHSP Max offers standard surge protection for major appliances and home electronics and features a surge current rating of 50KA, a compact design, indoor/outdoor enclosure, thermal fusing and a status monitor. The Max has a five-year warranty with a $10,000 connected equipment allowance. The CHSP 3-Way offers standard protection against incoming electrical surges for all home electronic equipment.

The CHSP Ultra provides the highest level of protection for major appliances, home electronics, computers, home-office systems and entertainment systems. The Ultra features a surge-current rating of 70kA, an overcurrent indicator, thermal fusing and an audible alarm. It has a lifetime warranty that includes a $50,000 connected-equipment allowance. Eaton/Cutler-Hammer