This junction box was found in front of the soda and candy machines in the Albany, N.Y., regional bus station, with an unsecured cover, exposed live wires and lost equipment grounding because of the loose locknut. It looks like this tripping and electrical hazard has been this way for quite some time.

The rules in the Code are very clear here. See 90.2(B) Adequacy.

“This Code contains provisions that are considered necessary for safety. Compliance therewith and proper maintenance will result in an installation that is essentially free from hazard but not necessarily efficient, convenient or adequate for good service or future expansion of electrical use.

FPN: Hazards often occur because of overloading of wiring systems by methods or usage not in conformity with this Code. This occurs because initial wiring did not provide for increases in the use of electricity. An initial adequate installation and reasonable provisions for system changes will provide for future increases in the use of electricity.”

I hope that someone from the bus company in that area sees this photo, so that they can have this problem corrected soon. Otherwise, I will let you know the rest of the story when I pass through this way again next year.