This is the second batch of jokes that CEE News readers e-mailed in response to a “Calling all clowns” request in the November End Note. Keep ‘em coming if you can. Thanks.
— Mike Harrington

When replacing an older service vehicle I decided to look at the Mercedes sport utility as it was no more expensive than an Explorer. I knew I would catch some flak from customers for driving a vehicle that was perceived to be expensive. My wife, who was a college professor at the time, told me to tell them, when they made their comments, “My wife's a plumber!” That shut them up.
Barry Wolk
Bottom Line Energy Management Inc.
Redford, Mich.

A local electrical contractor told his new apprentice to go into the attic and tie the low-voltage doorbell wires together. When he returned from the attic and the doorbell did not work, the contractor went into the attic to check out what the problem was and found that the new helper had done as told: He tied the wires together — in a knot.

Details, details, details. It's hard to find good help!!
Name and address withheld.

A friend called me recently and said he had a new slogan for my electrical business, and I thought it was humorous but not suitable to be displayed across my vehicles — “Let us remove your shorts.”
Jeff Phillips

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