CEE News readers e-mailed the following jokes in response to Mike Harrington's “Calling all clowns” request in the November End Note.

My husband and I were visiting friends in Manhattan last year. Looking for a good time, we went to a comedy club. It was great, but it was even better when my husband had a short discussion with someone who wouldn't know how to screw in a light bulb.

The mainliner at this club made fun of the Midwest, specifically family values. My husband responded with a few choice words calling attention to himself. The comedian looked at my husband and said, “Oh yeah, you sound knowledgeable on the subject. What do you do for a living?”

My husband said “I'm an electrician.”

The comedian said “oh, so you're an ‘lectritian.”

My husband said “no, I'm an electrician.”

Comedian “‘lectrician (pause), electrician, what's the difference?”

My husband said “(pause)…Phonics.”

Needless to say, he stopped all dialogue with my husband because he got the biggest laugh of the whole evening.

We like the magazine.
Colleen Roshetsk
Bohdan Electric
Cleveland, Ohio

Q: Do you know how an electrician tells if he's working with AC or DC power?

A: If it's AC, his teeth chatter when he grabs the conductors. If it's DC, they just clamp together.
Rob Brown
Friedman Fisher Associates, P.C.,
Albany, N.Y.

Q: Did you hear about the optimistic electrician?

A: He took out two twenty (220) year old girls, but found he was only wired for one ten (110).
Bill Gallus
Johnstown, Pa.

Here's one of my favorite electrician jokes:

Q: What is the definition of a shock absorber?

A: A careless electrician!
Bob Schaefer
Phoenix, Ariz.

Attention readers:

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