Abuilding contractor who was remodeling anelementary school was using this transformer vault as a storage space. Apparently, the lock was keyed to match the school's master key. Other contractors doing the roof remodel and window replacement project decided that it would make a great place to store some of their extra materials. Section 450-48 in the National Electrical Code makes it clear that: "Materials shall not be stored in transformer vaults." Also, the door on the transformer vault room was not marked with any high voltage signs, or any other indication or warnings that it's dangerous. Section 110-34(c) states: "Where the voltage exceeds 600V, nominal, permanent and conspicuous warning signs shall be provided, reading as follows: "DANGER - HIGH VOLTAGE - KEEP OUT." See also, Section 450-43(c) for a vault door that must be equipped with locks, and doors must be kept locked, access being allowed only to QUALIFIED PERSONS.