The Wavetek Meterman line of digital multimeters and test tools is billed as the "working-man meter" for use in design, evaluation, installation, service and troubleshooting of electronic and electrical equipment and systems. Available at industrial and electrical supply outlets, Meterman's meters and accessories are priced from less than $20 to more than $200.

The line consists of more than 60 economy-priced instruments. Products range from engineering/technician meters to less expensive meters designed for do-it-yourselfers. They're best for troubleshooting, servicing or maintaining electrical and lighting, environmental controls, automotive, small appliances or home electronics. The Meterman line includes digital multimeters and basic and specialty testers for lighting, electrical and electronics testing. A clamp-on ammeter offers precise electrical readings, while component testers and specialty test tools are for electronics troubleshooting.

PRODUCT RANGE HD Series Multimeters. These digital multimeters feature waterproof and dust-proof sealing, extended 1,500VDC range, superior fusing, oversized display and Digi-Glo backlight.

XT Series Multimeters. These digital multimeters, best for multi-purpose applications, feature superior testing for electronics troubleshooting. Two models are available with temperature functions. Features include data hold, max hold and auto-off.

Basic Multitesters and Specialty Digital Multimeters. These low-cost tools for home, ship, auto, boat and do-it-yourselfers can fit in shirt pocket. A pen-style meter tests lighting, electrical and electronics functions.

Clamp-on Ammeters and DMMs. These are best for electrical measuring applications. Products include non-invasive amp-clamp meters; meters for applications 200A to 1,000A; and low-cost mini-clamps to feature-rich AC/DC DMMs.

Component Testers and Specialty Test Tools. These are best for electronics troubleshooting. Products include a low-cost C/R meter and a hand-held LCR meter. Logic probes detect pulses and logic in electronics while the patented brush short-finder finds shorts fast.

Bench Instruments. These meters are best for bench and depot testing. Products include low-cost, 3 MHz function/sweep generators.

Test Tool Accessories. These meters are best for utility work. Features include soft and hard-shell carrying cases, replacement and deluxe test lead kits, current transformers and transducers, temperature proves, RF and high-voltage probes, rubber holsters and replacement fuses.

HOW IT HAPPENED "In many ways digital multimeters are becoming the tape measure of the new millennium," said Phil Salditt, general manager of Meterman. "More and more technicians and other workers have reserved a permanent spot on their tool belt for their meter."

Meterman tools feature large displays, extra fusing, safety test leads, Digi-Glo backlighting, live voltage safety testers, wrong input user warning beepers, a complete line of accessories and patented new T-shape designs to fit into a user's hand.

Over the past five years, the worldwide marketplace for DMMs has undergone rapid change and expansion. According to a Meterman spokesperson, extensive primary consumer research shows increased growth in the use of test tools by professional engineers, technicians, electricians and others. This expansion of the market is fueled by new digitally based manufacturing technologies that require specialized installation, service and maintenance procedures that rely heavily on the accurate measurements that DMMs provide. In addition, the need for data and documentation continues to grow, driven by increased regulation, ISO quality standards and safety concerns.